calibre-customize - calibre-customize

calibre-customize options

Personalizează Calibre prin folosirea extensiilor externe.

Whenever you pass arguments to calibre-customize that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"

Add a plugin by specifying the path to the ZIP file containing it.
For plugin developers: Path to the folder where you are developing the plugin. This command will automatically zip up the plugin and update it in calibre.
Customize plugin. Specify name of plugin and customization string separated by a comma. The customization string is the same as you would enter when customizing the plugin in the main calibre GUI.
Dezactivează extensia specificată prin nume
Activează extensia specificată prin nume
show this help message and exit
Listează toate extensiile instalate
Elimină o extensie personalizată după nume. Nu are niciun efect asupra extensiilor interne
show program's version number and exit

Kovid Goyal

Kovid Goyal

mai 31, 2024 7.12.0