apptainer(1) apptainer(1)

apptainer - Linux container platform optimized for High Performance Computing (HPC) and Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC)

apptainer [global options...]

Apptainer containers provide an application virtualization layer enabling
mobility of compute via both application and environment portability. With
Apptainer one is capable of building a root file system that runs on any
other Linux system where Apptainer is installed.

--build-config[=false] use configuration needed for building containers

-c, --config="/etc/apptainer/apptainer.conf" specify a configuration file (for root or unprivileged installation only)

-d, --debug[=false] print debugging information (highest verbosity)

-h, --help[=false] help for apptainer

--nocolor[=false] print without color output (default False)

-q, --quiet[=false] suppress normal output

-s, --silent[=false] only print errors

-v, --verbose[=false] print additional information

  $ apptainer help <command> [<subcommand>]
  $ apptainer help build
  $ apptainer help instance start

apptainer-build(1), apptainer-cache(1), apptainer-capability(1), apptainer-checkpoint(1), apptainer-config(1), apptainer-delete(1), apptainer-exec(1), apptainer-inspect(1), apptainer-instance(1), apptainer-key(1), apptainer-keyserver(1), apptainer-oci(1), apptainer-overlay(1), apptainer-plugin(1), apptainer-pull(1), apptainer-push(1), apptainer-registry(1), apptainer-remote(1), apptainer-run(1), apptainer-run-help(1), apptainer-search(1), apptainer-shell(1), apptainer-sif(1), apptainer-sign(1), apptainer-test(1), apptainer-verify(1), apptainer-version(1)

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