apptainer(1) apptainer(1)

apptainer-oci - Manage OCI containers

apptainer oci

Allow you to manage containers from OCI bundle directories.

NOTE: all oci commands requires to run as root

-h, --help[=false] help for oci

  All group commands have their own help output:
  $ apptainer oci create -b ~/bundle mycontainer
  $ apptainer oci start mycontainer

apptainer(1), apptainer-oci-attach(1), apptainer-oci-create(1), apptainer-oci-delete(1), apptainer-oci-exec(1), apptainer-oci-kill(1), apptainer-oci-mount(1), apptainer-oci-pause(1), apptainer-oci-resume(1), apptainer-oci-run(1), apptainer-oci-start(1), apptainer-oci-state(1), apptainer-oci-umount(1), apptainer-oci-update(1)

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