apptainer(1) apptainer(1)

apptainer-key - Manage OpenPGP keys

apptainer key [key options...]

Manage your trusted, public and private keys in your local or in the global keyring
(local keyring: '~/.apptainer/keys' if 'APPTAINER_KEYSDIR' is not set,
global keyring: '/etc/apptainer/global-pgp-public')

-h, --help[=false] help for key

  All group commands have their own help output:
  $ apptainer help key newpair
  $ apptainer key list --help

apptainer(1), apptainer-key-export(1), apptainer-key-import(1), apptainer-key-list(1), apptainer-key-newpair(1), apptainer-key-pull(1), apptainer-key-push(1), apptainer-key-remove(1), apptainer-key-search(1)

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