apptainer(1) apptainer(1)

apptainer-sign - Add digital signature(s) to an image

apptainer sign [sign options...]

The sign command allows a user to add one or more digital signatures to a SIF
image. By default, one digital signature is added for each object group in
the file.

Key material can be provided via PEM-encoded file, or an entity in the PGP
keyring. To manage the PGP keyring, see 'apptainer help key'.

-g, --group-id=0 sign objects with the specified group ID

-h, --help[=false] help for sign

--key="" path to the private key file

-k, --keyidx=0 PGP private key to use (index from 'key list --secret')

-i, --sif-id=0 sign object with the specified ID

  Sign with a private key:
  $ apptainer sign --key private.pem container.sif
  Sign with PGP:
  $ apptainer sign container.sif


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