apptainer(1) apptainer(1)

apptainer-push - Upload image to the provided URI

apptainer push [push options...]

The 'push' command allows you to upload a SIF container to a given
URI. Supported URIs include:



NOTE: It's always good practice to sign your containers before
pushing them to the library. An auth token is required to push to the library,
so you may need to configure it first with 'apptainer remote'.

-U, --allow-unsigned[=false] do not require a signed container image

-D, --description="" description for container image (library:// only)

--docker-host="" specify a custom Docker daemon host

-h, --help[=false] help for push

--library="" the library to push to

--no-https[=false] use http instead of https for docker:// oras:// and library:///... URIs

  To Library
  $ apptainer push /home/user/my.sif library://user/collection/my.sif:latest
  To supported OCI registry
  $ apptainer push /home/user/my.sif oras://registry/namespace/image:tag


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