OOMCTL(1) oomctl OOMCTL(1)

oomctl - Analyze the state stored in systemd-oomd

oomctl [OPTIONS...] {COMMAND}

oomctl may be used to get information about the various contexts read in by the systemd(1) userspace out-of-memory (OOM) killer, systemd-oomd(8).

The following commands are understood:


Show the current state of the cgroups and system contexts stored by systemd-oomd.

Added in version 247.

The following options are understood:

-h, --help

Print a short help text and exit.


Print a short version string and exit.


Do not pipe output into a pager.

On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise.

systemd(1), systemd-oomd.service(8), oomd.conf(5)

systemd 255