GSHADOW(5) File Formats and Configuration GSHADOW(5)

gshadow - shadowed group file

/etc/gshadow contains the shadowed information for group accounts.

This file must not be readable by regular users if password security is to be maintained.

Each line of this file contains the following colon-separated fields:

group name

Det skal være et gyldigt gruppenavn, som findes på systemet.

encrypted password

Refer to crypt(3) for details on how this string is interpreted.

If the password field contains some string that is not a valid result of crypt(3), for instance ! or *, users will not be able to use a unix password to access the group (but group members do not need the password).

The password is used when a user who is not a member of the group wants to gain the permissions of this group (see newgrp(1)).

This field may be empty, in which case only the group members can gain the group permissions.

A password field which starts with an exclamation mark means that the password is locked. The remaining characters on the line represent the password field before the password was locked.

This password supersedes any password specified in /etc/group.


Det skal være en kommaadskilt liste af brugernavne.

Administratorer kan ændre adgangskoden eller medlemmerne af gruppen.

Administratorer har også de samme rettigheder som medlemmerne (se nedenfor).


Det skal være en kommaadskilt liste af brugernavne.

Medlemmer kan tilgå gruppen uden at blive spurgt efter en adgangskode.

You should use the same list of users as in /etc/group.


Information om gruppekonto.


Information om sikret gruppekonto.

gpasswd(5), group(5), grpck(8), grpconv(8), newgrp(1).

01/04/2024 shadow-utils 4.15.1