ros-use(1) ros-use(1)

ros-use - sets the default implementation used by roswell # synopsis

ros [options] use impl[/version]

impl : The name of an implementation which is already installed. New implementations can be downloaded by ros-install(1). The list of installed implementations is available in ros-list(1).

version: : The version specifier. The string representation of the version (e.g. .) depends on each implementation and roswell generally follows the representation used by the implementation. In addition, a special version name “system” tells roswell to use the implementation that is installed in your system, which should be in PATH.

ros use sbcl : use the latest SBCL among several versions of SBCLs installed by ros-install. This is compiled from the source, which may take some time to install but allows SLIME to jump to the implementation source code.

ros use sbcl-bin : use the latest stable SBCL binary downloaded from vendor’s website. Roswell uses this by default. sbcl-bin tends to be an older version compared to sbcl, but surely newer than your apt-get installed counterpart!

ros use sbcl/1.3.1 : use the compiled SBCL 1.3.1.

ros use sbcl-bin/1.3.1 : use the prebuilt SBCL 1.3.1.

ros use sbcl/system : use the SBCL available in the PATH.

ros use ccl : use the CCL compiled from the source. Same set of version specifiers as for SBCL can be applied.

Roswell also supports abcl, acl, clisp, cmu and ecl.

sbcl(1), ros(1), ros-install(1), ros-list(1)

Roswell Project Team.