ros-install(1) ros-install(1)

ros-install - Install lisp implementations or quicklisp system

ros install system [system ...]
ros install impl[/version] [param ...]

a name specifying a system.
a name specifying a lisp implementation.

When the impl or system matches to one of the supported implementations, it fetches, downloads and installs it to one of the internal directory managed by roswell (~/.roswell, or ROSWELL_INSTALL_DIR). In order to use the installed implementation, you have to run ros-use(1).

For example, the following command downloads the latest sbcl binary from Note that this may be different from the default binary installed by roswell, called sbcl-bin. sbcl-bin is a stable and well-tested version of the sbcl binary which is supposed to be a little older than the latest sbcl.

$ ros install sbcl

When invoked without a name, it prints the list of installable implementations. (Not to be confused with ros list installed, which shows the implementations already installed.)

Usage: ros install impl [OPTIONS]
For more details on impl specific options, type:
ros help install impl
Candidates impls for installation are:

The name can be optionally followed by a slash / and a version of the implementation.

$ ros install sbcl/1.2.14

There might be some hidden implementation that are not listed here — they are in the alpha quality, but try the one you like or watch the website (

$ ros install ccl
$ ros install abcl
$ ...

If the specified name does not match any of the implementations, roswell tries to find a quicklisp system of the given name.

$ ros install alexandria

After compiling and loading the system, it funcalls ros:*build-hook* special variable with no argument, if some function is set during the compilation/load.

When the system comes with a roswell script created by ros-init(1) in the subdirectory roswell, they are installed into ROSWELL_INSTALL_DIR/bin. Setting the path to this directory makes those scripts available from the shell command line.

$ ros install qlot
System 'qlot' found. Loading the system..
Processing build-hook..
Found 1 scripts: qlot
Attempting to install the scripts in roswell/ subdirectory of the system...
$ qlot
Usage: qlot [install | update | bundle | exec shell-args..]

sbcl(1), ros(1), ros-list(1), ros-init(1)

Roswell Project Team.