ros(1) ros(1)

Roswell - Common Lisp environment setup Utility

ros [options] [command [args...]
ros [options] [--]script [args...]
ros [options] < script.ros

Roswell is a command line tool for installing and managing Common Lisp implementations, as well as a scripting infrastructure for templating, writing, executing, compiling, distributing, downloading and installing ROSWELL-SCRIPTS written in Common Lisp.

Currently roswell supports sbcl, ccl, clisp and ecl as its supported lisp implementations. For further details see ros-install(1).

Scripts installed by roswell will be system wide if appropriate directory is included in PATH.

In an order of utility/frequency.

Install a given implementation (e.g. sbcl, ccl) or a system (e.g. alexandria) for roswell environment. See ros-install(1).
Create a new ros script. .ros is optional, and is added automaticaly. See ros-init.
Dump an image of the script for the faster startup or to make an executable. See ros-dump.
Make an executable from the script. See ros-build.
Initiate REPL. See ros-run.
Change the default implementation used by roswell. See ros-use.
List the various informations. See ros-list.
Get and set the options. See ros-config.
Run the initial setup. See ros-setup.
Launch emacs with slime. See ros-emacs.
Wait forever, used for daemonizing the script. See ros-wait.
Delete an installed implementation. See ros-delete.
Show the roswell version information. See ros-version.
Show the subcommand help.

Options are processed in left-to-right order.

Run the script with a shell wrapper CODE, e.g. rlwrap
Continue from Lisp image IMAGE
Run the script with a lisp impl NAME[/VERSION] if present, e.g. sbcl-bin, sbcl/1.2.16. Fails otherwise.
Load a lisp file FILE while building
Override the source registry of asdf systems.
Load the asdf SYSTEM while building.
–load-system SYSTEM
Same as above (buildapp compatibility)
Change the current package to PACKAGE
Combination of -s SP and -p SP
Evaluate FORM while building
–require MODULE
require MODULE while building
quit lisp here
the build image restarts from calling FUNC
the build image restarts from calling (FUNC argv).
evaluate FORM after the restart.
evaluate and princ FORM after the restart
evaluate and write FORM after the restart
evaluate FORM before dumping the IMAGE
try to read /etc/rosrc, ~/.roswell/init.lisp
+R –no-rc
skip /etc/rosrc, ~/.roswell/init.lisp
load quicklisp (default)
+Q –no-quicklisp
do not load quicklisp
be quite verbose while building
suppress output while building (default)
for test purpose
SBCL specific. The argument is passed to SBCL by --dynamic-space-size

Specifies the home directory of roswell, defaulted to $HOME on Unix platform .

Check out issues list (

sbcl(1) ros-dump(1) ros-init(1) ros-install(1) ros-list(1) ros-setup(1)

Roswell Project Team.