nutscan_scan_nut - Scan network for available NUT services.

#include <nut-scan.h>
#include <unistd.h> /* useconds_t */
nutscan_device_t * nutscan_scan_nut(
       const char * startIP,
       const char * stopIP,
       const char * port,
       useconds_t usec_timeout);

The nutscan_scan_nut() function try to detect available NUT services and their associated devices. It issues a NUT request on every IP ranging from startIP to stopIP. startIP is mandatory, stopIP is optional. Those IP arguments may be either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses or host names.

You MUST call nutscan_init(3) before using this function.

A specific port number may be passed, or NULL to use the default NUT port.

This function waits up to usec_timeout microseconds before considering an IP address does not respond to NUT queries.

The nutscan_scan_nut() function returns a pointer to a nutscan_device_t structure containing all found devices or NULL if an error occurs or no device is found.

nutscan_init(3), nutscan_scan_usb(3), nutscan_scan_xml_http_range(3), nutscan_scan_snmp(3), nutscan_scan_avahi(3), nutscan_scan_ipmi(3), nutscan_display_sanity_check(3), nutscan_display_sanity_check_serial(3), nutscan_display_ups_conf_with_sanity_check(3), nutscan_display_ups_conf(3), nutscan_display_parsable(3), nutscan_new_device(3), nutscan_free_device(3), nutscan_add_option_to_device(3), nutscan_add_device_to_device(3), nutscan_scan_eaton_serial(3), nutscan_cidr_to_ip(3)

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