nutscan_display_parsable - Display the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure on stdout.

#include <nut-scan.h>
void nutscan_display_parsable(nutscan_device_t * device);

The nutscan_display_parsable() function displays all NUT devices in device to stdout. It displays them in a way that can be easily parsed which is:

<driver type>:driver="<driver name>",port="<port type>"[,<optional parameter 1>="<optional data 1>",<optional parameter 2>="<optional data 2>",...]
•<driver type> may be one of USB, SNMP, XML, NUT, IPMI or AVAHI.
•<driver name> is the name of the driver’s binary corresponding to this device.
•<port type> and <optional parameter X> depend on <driver name>, see the corresponding driver’s man page.

Note that this format is for machine consumption, so is not associated with sanity checks that may be used along with display method for the ups.conf file format.

nutscan_scan_usb(3), nutscan_scan_xml_http_range(3), nutscan_scan_nut(3), nutscan_scan_avahi(3), nutscan_scan_ipmi(3), nutscan_scan_snmp(3), nutscan_display_sanity_check(3), nutscan_display_sanity_check_serial(3), nutscan_display_ups_conf_with_sanity_check(3), nutscan_display_ups_conf(3), nutscan_new_device(3), nutscan_free_device(3), nutscan_add_option_to_device(3), nutscan_add_device_to_device(3), nutscan_cidr_to_ip(3)

05/20/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2