pacman-conf - query pacman's configuration file

pacman-conf [options] [<directive> ...]

pacman-conf (--repo-list|--help|--version)

pacman-conf is a utility for parsing the pacman configuration file and returning script-friendly output. It is designed to properly handle non-trivial configuration features such as variable interpolation and the use of the Include directive, and guarantees that it will return the same configuration values which pacman itself would use.

pacman-conf will output the fully-resolved contents of the configuration file by default, or, if provided with the name of a configuration directive, output the contents of the given directive alone.

-c, --config <path>

Specify an alternate configuration file.

-R, --rootdir <path>

Specify an alternate installation root (default is /).

-r, --repo <repository>

Query options for a specific repository.

-v, --verbose

Always shown directive names.

-l, --repo-list

List configured repositories.

-h, --help

Output syntax and command line options.

-V, --version

Display version and exit.

pacman-conf -r core Usage

Show the value of the Usage configuration option for core repository.

pacman-conf HoldPkg

Show the value of the HoldPkg configuration option.


See the pacman website at for current information on pacman and its related tools.

Bugs? You must be kidding; there are no bugs in this software. But if we happen to be wrong, submit a bug report with as much detail as possible at the Arch Linux Bug Tracker in the Pacman section.

Current maintainers:

•Allan McRae <>
•Andrew Gregory <>
•Morgan Adamiec <>

Past major contributors:

•Judd Vinet <>
•Aurelien Foret <>
•Aaron Griffin <>
•Dan McGee <>
•Xavier Chantry <>
•Nagy Gabor <>
•Dave Reisner <>
•Eli Schwartz <>

For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the pacman.git repository.

2024-03-15 Pacman 6.1.0