BTMGMT(1) Linux System Administration BTMGMT(1)

btmgmt - interactive bluetooth management tool

btmgmt [--options] [commands]

btmgmt(1) interactive bluetooth management tool. The tool issues commands to the Kernel using the Bluetooth Management socket, some commands may require net-admin capability in order to work since the Bluetooth Management interface is considered a low-level interface meant for the likes of bluetoothd(8), it is not recommended for applications to use it directly as it may result in unexpected behavior.

Specify adapter index
Enable monitor output
Timeout in seconds for non-interactive mode
Display version
Init script file
Display help

Two common ways to automate the tool are to pass the commands directly like in the follow example:

btmgmt <<EOF

Or create a script and pass it as init-script:

$ vi
$ btmgmt --init-script=test-script

Free use of this software is granted under ther terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licenses (LGPL).

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