ZSTDGREP(1) User Commands ZSTDGREP(1)

zstdgrep - print lines matching a pattern in zstandard-compressed files

zstdgrep [grep-flags] [--] pattern [files ...]

zstdgrep runs grep(1) on files, or stdin if no files argument is given, after decompressing them with zstdcat(1).

The grep-flags and pattern arguments are passed on to grep(1). If an -e flag is found in the grep-flags, zstdgrep will not look for a pattern argument.

Note that modern grep alternatives such as ripgrep (rg(1)) support zstd-compressed files out of the box, and can prove better alternatives than zstdgrep notably for unsupported complex pattern searches. Note though that such alternatives may also feature some minor command line differences.

In case of missing arguments or missing pattern, 1 will be returned, otherwise 0.


Thomas Klausner wiz@NetBSD.org

March 2023 zstd 1.5.5