wcsstr(3) Library Functions Manual wcsstr(3)

wcsstr - locate a substring in a wide-character string

Standard C library (libc, -lc)

#include <wchar.h>
wchar_t *wcsstr(const wchar_t *haystack, const wchar_t *needle);

The wcsstr() function is the wide-character equivalent of the strstr(3) function. It searches for the first occurrence of the wide-character string needle (without its terminating null wide character (L'\0')) as a substring in the wide-character string haystack.

The wcsstr() function returns a pointer to the first occurrence of needle in haystack. It returns NULL if needle does not occur as a substring in haystack.

Note the special case: If needle is the empty wide-character string, the return value is always haystack itself.

For an explanation of the terms used in this section, see attributes(7).

Interface Attribute Value
wcsstr () Thread safety MT-Safe

C11, POSIX.1-2008.

POSIX.1-2001, C99.

strstr(3), wcschr(3)

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