Thinkjettopbm User Manual(0) Thinkjettopbm User Manual(0)

thinkjettopbm - convert HP ThinkJet printer commands file to PBM




This program is part of Netpbm(1)

thinkjettopbm reads HP ThinkJet printer commands from the standard input, or thinkjet_file if specified, and writes a PBM image to Standard Output.

thinkjettopbm silently ignores text and non-graphics command sequences.

The -d option turns on debugging messages which are written to the standard error stream.

The program handles only a small subset of ThinkJet command sequences, but enough to convert screen images from older HP test equipment.

pnmtopclx.html(1) , pbmtolj.html(1) , ppmtopj(1) , ppmtopj(1) , thinkjettopbm(1) , pbm(5) , pjtoppm(1)

Copyright (C) 2001 by W. Eric Norum

03 April 2001 netpbm documentation