SMBIOS-TYPE-11(7) smbios-type-11 SMBIOS-TYPE-11(7)

smbios-type-11 - SMBIOS Type 11 strings


Various OS components process SMBIOS Type 11 vendor strings that a virtual machine manager (VMM) may set and a virtual machine (VM) receives. SMBIOS Type 11 vendor strings may play a similar role as kernel-command-line(1) parameters but generally are under control of the VMM rather than the boot loader or UKI.

For details on SMBIOS Type 11 see the System Management BIOS[1] specifications.

The following strings are supported:

io.systemd.credential:CREDENTIAL=VALUE, io.systemd.credential.binary:CREDENTIAL=VALUE

This allows passing additional system credentials into the system, in textual or binary (Base64) form. See systemd.exec(5) and System and Service Credentials[2] for details.

Added in version 252.


This allows configuration of additional kernel command line options, and is read by the kernel UEFI stub. For details see systemd-stub(1).

Added in version 254.

systemd(1), kernel-command-line(7), systemd.system-credentials(7)

System Management BIOS
System and Service Credentials
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