QB_LOOP_JOB_DEL(3) libqb Programmer's Manual QB_LOOP_JOB_DEL(3)

qb_loop_job_del - Delete a job from the mainloop.

#include <qb/qbloop.h>

int32_t qb_loop_job_del(
    struct qb_loop          *l,
    enum qb_loop_priority    p,
    void                    *data,
    qb_loop_job_dispatch_fn  dispatch_fn

l pointer to the loop instance

p the priority

data user data passed into the dispatch function

dispatch_fn callback function

This will try to delete the job if it hasn't run yet.

enum qb_loop_priority {

status (0 == ok, -errno == failure)

this will remove the first job that matches the parameters (priority, data, dispatch_fn).

qb_loop_run(3), qb_loop_create(3), qb_loop_stop(3), qb_loop_poll_low_fds_event_set(3), qb_loop_signal_del(3), qb_loop_signal_add(3), qb_loop_job_add(3), qb_loop_poll_del(3), qb_loop_destroy(3), qb_loop_timer_expire_time_remaining(3), qb_loop_poll_mod(3), qb_loop_signal_mod(3), qb_loop_timer_del(3), qb_loop_timer_add(3), qb_loop_timer_is_running(3), qb_loop_timer_expire_time_get(3), qb_loop_poll_add(3)

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