lxc-device(1) lxc-device(1)

lxc-device - manage devices of running containers

[-h] [-n name] [add] [DEVICE] [NAME]

lxc-device manages devices in running container.

The full command help message.
The name of the target container.
What action to perform. Only 'add' is supported at this point.
The device to add to the container. It can either be the path to a device under /dev or a network interface name.
Name for the device within the container.

Creates a /dev/video0 device in container p1 based on the matching device on the host.
Moves eth0 from the host as eth1 in p1.

lxc(7), lxc-create(1), lxc-copy(1), lxc-destroy(1), lxc-start(1), lxc-stop(1), lxc-execute(1), lxc-console(1), lxc-monitor(1), lxc-wait(1), lxc-cgroup(1), lxc-ls(1), lxc-info(1), lxc-freeze(1), lxc-unfreeze(1), lxc-attach(1), lxc.conf(5)