io_queue_run(3) Linux AIO io_queue_run(3)

io_queue_run - Handle completed io requests

#include <errno.h>

#include <libaio.h>

int io_queue_run(io_context_t ctx);

io_queue_run() attempts to read all the events from the completion queue for the aio_context specified by ctx.

May return 0 if no events are available. Will fail with -ENOSYS if not implemented.

iocbs referenced data outside of the program's accessible address space.
ctx refers to an uninitialized aio context, the iocb pointed to by iocbs contains an improperly initialized iocb.
Not implemented.

io(3), io_cancel(3), io_fsync(3), io_getevents(3), io_prep_fsync(3), io_prep_pread(3), io_prep_pwrite(3), io_queue_init(3), io_queue_release(3), io_queue_wait(3), io_set_callback(3), io_submit(3), errno(3).

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