io_queue_release(3) Linux AIO io_queue_release(3)

io_queue_release - Release the context associated with the userspace handle

#include <errno.h>
#include <libaio.h>

int io_queue_release(io_context_t ctx);

io_queue_release destroys the context associated with the userspace handle. May cancel any outstanding AIOs and block on completion.

On success, io_queue_release() returns 0. Otherwise, -error is return, where error is one of the Exxx values defined in the Errors section.

ctx refers to an uninitialized aio context, the iocb pointed to by iocbs contains an improperly initialized iocb.
Not implemented.

io(3), io_cancel(3), io_fsync(3), io_getevents(3), io_prep_fsync(3), io_prep_pread(3), io_prep_pwrite(3), io_queue_init(3), io_queue_run(3), io_queue_wait(3), io_set_callback(3), io_submit(3), errno(3).

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