GETPCAPS(8) System Manager's Manual GETPCAPS(8)

getpcaps - display process capabilities

getpcaps [optional args] pid...

getpcaps displays the capabilities on the processes indicated by the pid value(s) given on the command line. A pid of 0 displays the capabilities of the process that is running getpcaps itself.

The capabilities are displayed in the cap_from_text(3) format.

Optional arguments:

Displays usage information and exits.
Displays output in a somewhat ugly legacy format.
Displays usage in a legacy-like format but not quite so ugly in modern default terminal fonts.
Displays IAB tuple capabilities from the process. The output format here is the text format described in cap_iab(3). Double quotes encase the regular process capabilities and square brackets encase the IAB tuple. This format is also used by captree(8).

Please report bugs via:

capsh(1), cap_from_text(3), cap_iab(3), capabilities(7), captree(8), getcap(8), and setcap(8).

This manual page was originally written by Robert Bihlmeyer <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).