ros-delete(1) ros-delete(1)

ros-delete - # synopsis

ros delete ARGS...

Slightly complex arguments.

Whem ARGS starts with dump, it considers the remaining args as the names for the dumped images. It then deletes the image with the given name, if it exists.

The deletion happens only to the images compatible with the current lisp implementation/version. For example, when ccl-bin/1.10 and sbcl-bin/1.3.1 both have images named X, and if the current lisp in use is sbcl-bin/1.3.1, then ros delete dump X removes sbcl-bin/1.3.1/X only.

When the first argument is not dump, then the arguments are treated as a list of installed implementations.

If a name of some implementation is given without version specifiers, e.g. sbcl-bin, then it removes all instances (versions) of sbcl-bin.

If a version is specified, then it removes only the specified instance.


Roswell Project Team.