Alien::Role(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Role(3)

Alien::Role - Extend Alien::Base with roles!

version 2.83

package Alien::libfoo;

use parent qw( Alien::Base );
use Role::Tiny::With qw( with );

with 'Alien::Role::Dino';


The "Alien::Role" namespace is intended for writing roles that can be applied to Alien::Base to extend its functionality. You could of course write subclasses that extend Alien::Base, but then you have to either stick with just one subclass or deal with multiple inheritance! It is recommended that you use Role::Tiny since it can be used on plain old Perl classes which is good since Alien::Base doesn't use anything fancy like Moose or Moo. There is one working example that use this technique that are worth checking out in the event you are interested: Alien::Role::Dino.

This class itself doesn't do anything, it just documents the technique.

Author: Graham Ollis <>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

Roy Storey (KIWIROY)

Ilya Pavlov

David Mertens (run4flat)

Mark Nunberg (mordy, mnunberg)

Christian Walde (Mithaldu)

Brian Wightman (MidLifeXis)

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nick nauwelaerts (INPHOBIA)

Florian Weimer

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