Alien::Build::Plugin::Fetch::HTTPTiny(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Alien::Build::Plugin::Fetch::HTTPTiny(3)

Alien::Build::Plugin::Fetch::HTTPTiny - Plugin for fetching files using HTTP::Tiny

version 2.83

use alienfile;
share {
  start_url '';
  plugin 'Fetch::HTTPTiny';

Note: in most case you will want to use Alien::Build::Plugin::Download::Negotiate instead. It picks the appropriate fetch plugin based on your platform and environment. In some cases you may need to use this plugin directly instead.

This fetch plugin fetches files and directory listings via the "http" and "https" protocol using HTTP::Tiny. If the URL specified uses the "https" scheme, then the required SSL modules will automatically be injected as requirements. If your initial URL is not "https", but you know that it will be needed on a subsequent request you can use the ssl property below.

The initial URL to fetch. This may be a directory listing (in HTML) or the final file.

If set to true, then the SSL modules required to make an "https" connection will be added as prerequisites.

Alien::Build::Plugin::Download::Negotiate, Alien::Build, alienfile, Alien::Build::MM, Alien

Author: Graham Ollis <>


Diab Jerius (DJERIUS)

Roy Storey (KIWIROY)

Ilya Pavlov

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