pmSetProcessIdentity - set process user and group id

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmSetProcessIdentity(const char *username);

cc ... -lpcp

pmSetProcessIdentity provides a platform-independent method to set the user id of a process to that matching username.

If possible (when the caller is already running as root) pmSetProcessIdentity will set the group id of the process to that of the matching user, e.g. using username and getpwnam(3).

A return value of 0 indicates success, otherwise the return value is an error code that may be decoded with pmErrStr(3).

pmSetProcessIdentity is most often used in conjunction with pmGetUsername(3) at process start up.

getpwnam(3), PMAPI(3), pmErrStr(3), pmGetUsername(3), setgid(3) and setuid(3).

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