PMNOTIFYERR(3) Library Functions Manual PMNOTIFYERR(3)

pmNotifyErr, pmSyslog - standard handling of error messages

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

void pmNotifyErr(int priority, const char *message, ...);
void pmSyslog(int onoff);

cc ... -lpcp

These routines provide standard handling for error messages from within the internals of Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) daemons and Performance Metric Domain Agents (PMDAs).

pmNotifyErr is a printf(3) style function that will format message (and any subsequent arguments) with a prefix that includes the current date and time from ctime(3), the name of the application from pmGetProgname(3), the process's id from getpid(2) and the priority.

priority should be one of the level LOG_ macros defined for syslog(3). Most typically this would be LOG_INFO, LOG_WARNING or LOG_ERR.

pmNotifyErr writes to standard error, which for daemons and PMDAs has most likely been redirected to a log file using pmOpenLog(3). Additionally message (and any subsequent arguments) may be sent forwarded to syslog(3) if pmSyslog has previously been called with onoff having a non-zero value.

Forwarding to syslog(3) can be disabled at any time by calling pmSyslog with onoff having a zero value, and this is the starting state for each PCP application.

In the style of syslog(3) message need not include a terminating newline character (one will be added if required).

getpid(2), ctime(3), PMAPI(3), pmGetProgname(3), pmOpenLog(3), printf(3) and syslog(3).

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