PMLOOKUPTEXT(3) Library Functions Manual PMLOOKUPTEXT(3)

pmLookupText - return text describing a performance metric

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

int pmLookupText(pmID pmid, int level, char **buffer);

cc ... -lpcp

Retrieve descriptive text about the performance metric identified by pmid.

The argument level should be either PM_TEXT_ONELINE for a one-line summary, else PM_TEXT_HELP for a more verbose description, suited to a help dialog.

The space pointed to by buffer will have been allocated in pmLookupText with malloc(3), and it is the responsibility of the caller to free(3) the space when it is no longer required.

pmLookupText returns zero on success.

For archives created with versions of PCP prior to 4.0, if the current PMAPI context is an archive (help and one-line text was previously not maintained in the archives)

chkhelp(1), newhelp(1), PMAPI(3), pmGetConfig(3), pmLookupDesc(3), pmLookupLabels(3), pmLookupInDomText(3), pcp.conf(5) and pcp.env(5).

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