tfman(1) tfman(1)

tfman - Swank manual page browser

tfman [-h] [-V] [-q] files

tfman displays manual pages ala man(1) using the Notcurses (notcurses(3)) terminal UI library.

-V: Print the program name and version, and exit with success.

-h: Print help information, and exit with success.

-q: Don't wait for any input, and don't use the alternate screen.

files: Files to render.

If successfully loaded and parsed, the top of the page will be visible. In the lower right corner is a listing of page sections. By default, the page browser is in use; press Tab to move between the page browser and the structure browser. Press 's' to toggle the structure browser's visibility.

tfman can identify gzipped manual pages, and inflate them on the fly.

The following keypresses are recognized:

Ctrl-L: Redraw the screen.
q: Quit.
k/up: Move up by one line.
b/pgup: Move up by one page.
h/left: Move up by one section.
j/down: Move down by one line.
f/pgdown: Move down by one page.
l/right: Move down by one section.
g/home: Go to first line in file.
s: Toggle the structure browser's visibility.

The mouse wheel can also be used to move up and down within the active browser.

tfman does not currently (and is unlikely to ever) support the full groff macro language.

man(1), notcurses(3), groff_man(7), man-pages(7), unicode(7)

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