DUNE-RPC(1) Dune Manual DUNE-RPC(1)

dune-rpc - Dune's RPC mechanism. Experimental.

dune rpc COMMAND

This is experimental. do not use

build a given target (requires dune to be running in passive watching mode)
Ping the build server running in the current directory
show active connections

These options are common to all commands.

--help[=FMT] (default=auto)
Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of auto, pager, groff or plain. With auto, the format is pager or plain whenever the TERM env var is dumb or undefined.
Show version information.

Use `dune COMMAND --help' for help on a single command.

dune rpc exits with:

on success.
if an error happened.
if it was interrupted by a signal.

Check bug reports at https://github.com/ocaml/dune/issues


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