al_build_shader(3) al_build_shader(3)

al_build_shader - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro.h>
bool al_build_shader(ALLEGRO_SHADER *shader)

This is required before the shader can be used with al_use_shader(3). It should be called after successfully attaching the pixel and/or vertex shaders with al_attach_shader_source(3) or al_attach_shader_source_file(3).

Returns true on success and false on error, in which case the error log is updated. The error log can be retrieved with al_get_shader_log(3).

Note: If you are using the ALLEGRO_PROGRAMMABLE_PIPELINE flag, then you must specify both a pixel and a vertex shader sources for anything to be rendered.


al_use_shader(3), al_get_shader_log(3)

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