curl_url_dup(3) Library Functions Manual curl_url_dup(3)

curl_url_dup - duplicate a URL handle

#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLU *curl_url_dup(const CURLU *inhandle);

Duplicates the URL object the input CURLU inhandle identifies and returns a pointer to the copy as a new CURLU handle. The new handle also needs to be freed with curl_url_cleanup(3).


int main(void)
  CURLUcode rc;
  CURLU *url = curl_url();
  CURLU *url2;
  rc = curl_url_set(url, CURLUPART_URL, "", 0);
  if(!rc) {
    url2 = curl_url_dup(url); /* clone it! */

Added in 7.62.0

Returns a new handle or NULL if out of memory.

CURLOPT_CURLU(3), curl_url(3), curl_url_cleanup(3), curl_url_get(3), curl_url_set(3)

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