curl_multi_cleanup(3) Library Functions Manual curl_multi_cleanup(3)

curl_multi_cleanup - close down a multi session

#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLMcode curl_multi_cleanup(CURLM *multi_handle);

Cleans up and removes a whole multi stack. It does not free or touch any individual easy handles in any way - they still need to be closed individually, using the usual curl_easy_cleanup(3) way. The order of cleaning up should be:

1 - curl_multi_remove_handle(3) before any easy handles are cleaned up

2 - curl_easy_cleanup(3) can now be called independently since the easy handle is no longer connected to the multi handle

3 - curl_multi_cleanup(3) should be called when all easy handles are removed

Passing in a NULL pointer in multi_handle makes this function return CURLM_BAD_HANDLE immediately with no other action.


int main(void)
  CURLM *multi = curl_multi_init();
  /* when the multi transfer is done ... */
  /* remove all easy handles, then: */

Added in 7.9.6

CURLMcode type, general libcurl multi interface error code. On success, CURLM_OK is returned.

curl_easy_cleanup(3), curl_easy_init(3), curl_multi_get_handles(3), curl_multi_init(3)

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