curl_global_init_mem(3) Library Functions Manual curl_global_init_mem(3)

curl_global_init_mem - Global libcurl initialization with memory callbacks

#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLcode curl_global_init_mem(long flags,
                              curl_malloc_callback m,
                              curl_free_callback f,
                              curl_realloc_callback r,
                              curl_strdup_callback s,
                              curl_calloc_callback c);

This function works exactly as curl_global_init(3) with one addition: it allows the application to set callbacks to replace the otherwise used internal memory functions.

If you are using libcurl from multiple threads or libcurl was built with the threaded resolver option then the callback functions must be thread safe. The threaded resolver is a common build option to enable (and in some cases the default) so we strongly urge you to make your callback functions thread safe.

All callback arguments must be set to valid function pointers. The prototypes for the given callbacks must match these:

To replace malloc()
To replace free()
To replace realloc()
To replace strdup()
To replace calloc()

This function is otherwise the same as curl_global_init(3), please refer to that man page for documentation.

Manipulating these gives considerable powers to the application to severely screw things up for libcurl. Take care!


extern void *malloc_cb(size_t);
extern void free_cb(void *);
extern void *realloc_cb(void *, size_t);
extern char *strdup_cb(const char *);
extern void *calloc_cb(size_t, size_t);
int main(void)
  curl_global_init_mem(CURL_GLOBAL_DEFAULT, malloc_cb,
                       free_cb, realloc_cb,
                       strdup_cb, calloc_cb);

Added in 7.12.0

CURLE_OK (0) means everything was OK, non-zero means an error occurred as <curl/curl.h> defines - see libcurl-errors(3).

curl_global_cleanup(3), curl_global_init(3)

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