man(5) nfsrahead man page man(5)

nfsrahead - Configure the readahead for NFS mounts

nfsrahead [-F] [-d] <device>

nfsrahead is a tool intended to be used with udev to set the read_ahead_kb parameter of NFS mounts, according to the configuration file (see CONFIGURATION). device is the device number for the NFS backing device as provided by the kernel.

Send messages to stderr instead of syslog
Increase the debugging level.

nfsrahead is configured in /etc/nfs.conf, in the section titled nfsrahead. It accepts the following configurations.

The readahead value applied to NFSv3 mounts.
The readahead value applied to NFSv4 mounts.
The default configuration when none of the configurations above is set.

nfs=15000 # readahead of 15000 for NFSv3 mounts
nfs4=16000 # readahead of 16000 for NFSv4 mounts
default=128 # default is 128

mount.nfs(8), nfs(5), nfs.conf(5), udev(7), bcc-readahead(8)

No known bugs.

Thiago Rafael Becker <>

08 Mar 2022 1.0