ARES_CANCEL(3) Library Functions Manual ARES_CANCEL(3)

ares_cancel - Cancel a resolve

#include <ares.h>
void ares_cancel(ares_channel_t *channel)

The ares_cancel(3) function cancels all lookups/requests made on the the name service channel identified by channel. ares_cancel(3) invokes the callbacks for each pending query on the channel, passing a status of ARES_ECANCELLED. These calls give the callbacks a chance to clean up any state which might have been stored in their arguments. If such a callback invocation adds a new request to the channel, that request will not be cancelled by the current invocation of ares_cancel(3).

ares_init(3) ares_destroy(3)

This function was added in c-ares 1.2.0

c-ares 1.6.0 and earlier pass a status of ARES_ETIMEOUT instead of ARES_ECANCELLED.

Dirk Manske

31 March 2004