BUILDINFO - Makepkg package build information file

This manual page describes the format of a BUILDINFO file found in the root of a package created by makepkg. The file contains a description of the package’s build environment. The information is formatted in key-value pairs separated by a =, one value per line. Arrays are represented multiple keys with the same value.

This is a description of the contents of version 2 of the BUILDINFO file format.


Denotes the file format version, represented by a plain positive integer.


The name of the package.


The base name of a package, usually the same as the pkgname except for split packages.


The version of the package including pkgrel and epoch.


The architecture of the package.


The sha256sum in hex format of the PKGBUILD used to build the package.


The details of the packager that built the package.


The build date of the package in epoch.


The directory where the package was built.


The directory from which makepkg was executed.


The name of the tool ecosystem used to set up the build environment. Used for defining a spec for reproducible builds, e.g. the source of the makepkg.conf(5) used.


The full version of the buildtool, for example: "$pkgver-$pkgrel-$pkgarch".

buildenv (array)

The build environment specified in makepkg.conf.

options (array)

The options set specified when building the package.

installed (array)

The installed packages at build time including the version information of the package. Formatted as "$pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel-$pkgarch".

makepkg(8), pacman(8), makepkg.conf(5)

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