xzmore, lzmore - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files

xzmore [file...]
lzmore [file...]

xzmore displays text from compressed files to a terminal using more(1). Files supported by xz(1) are decompressed; other files are assumed to be in uncompressed form already. If no files are given, xzmore reads from standard input. See the more(1) manual for the keyboard commands.

Note that scrolling backwards might not be possible depending on the implementation of more(1). This is because xzmore uses a pipe to pass the decompressed data to more(1). xzless(1) uses less(1) which provides more advanced features.

The command lzmore is provided for backward compatibility with LZMA Utils.

If PAGER is set, its value is used as the pager instead of more(1).

more(1), xz(1), xzless(1), zmore(1)

2024-02-12 Tukaani