XLSCLIENTS(1) General Commands Manual XLSCLIENTS(1)

xlsclients - list client applications running on a display

xlsclients [-display displayname] [-a] [-l] [-m maxcmdlen] [-version]

Xlsclients is a utility for listing information about the client applications running on a display. It may be used to generate scripts representing a snapshot of the user's current session.

This option specifies the X server to contact.
This option indicates that clients on all screens should be listed. By default, only those clients on the default screen are listed.
List in long format, giving the window name, icon name, and class hints in addition to the machine name and command string shown in the default format.
This option specifies the maximum number of characters in a command to print out. The default is 10000.
Print the program version and exit.

To get the default host, display number, and screen.

X(7), xwininfo(1), xprop(1)

Jim Fulton, MIT X Consortium

xlsclients 1.1.5 X Version 11