XKEYBOARD-CONFIG(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual XKEYBOARD-CONFIG(7)

xkeyboard-config - XKB data description files

xkeyboard-config provides the description files for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB) and for libxkbcommon. Typically it is the task of the desktop environment to apply the requested configuration. Users running an X server can also use the setxkbmap(1) tool to apply keyboard configuration at runtime or configure XKB settings in the xorg.conf(5).

xkeyboard-config provides the XKB data files installed in /usr/share/X11/xkb. User-specific data files may be elsewhere but it depends on the tool whether those files are loaded. For example, the libxkbcommon library will by default load XKB data files from the user's home directory. See the libxkbcommon documentation for details.

The "custom" layout is a layout that is listed as available to tools reading the data files but is not actually provided by xkeyboard-config. A user may save a layout specification in the /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/custom file and that layout will be available to most tools interacting with the xkeyboard-config data files. This is primarily aimed at systems running X where additional lookup paths cannot easily be added.

Because the "custom" layout is merely listed as available but not provided by xkeyboard-config, the layout will not be overwritten on updates.

Model Description
pc86 Generic 86-key PC
pc101 Generic 101-key PC
pc102 Generic 102-key PC
pc104 Generic 104-key PC
pc104alt Generic 104-key PC with L-shaped Enter key
pc105 Generic 105-key PC
a4techKB21 A4Tech KB-21
a4techKBS8 A4Tech KBS-8
a4_rfkb23 A4Tech Wireless Desktop RFKB-23
airkey Acer AirKey V
acer_c300 Acer C300
acer_ferrari4k Acer Ferrari 4000
acer_laptop Acer laptop
scorpius Advance Scorpius KI
apple Apple
applealu_ansi Apple Aluminium (ANSI)
applealu_iso Apple Aluminium (ISO)
applealu_jis Apple Aluminium (JIS)
asus_laptop Asus laptop
azonaRF2300 Azona RF2300 Wireless Internet
benqx BenQ X-Touch
benqx730 BenQ X-Touch 730
benqx800 BenQ X-Touch 800
brother Brother Internet
btc5090 BTC 5090
btc5113rf BTC 5113RF Multimedia
btc5126t BTC 5126T
btc6301urf BTC 6301URF
btc9000 BTC 9000
btc9000a BTC 9000A
btc9001ah BTC 9001AH
btc9019u BTC 9019U
btc9116u BTC 9116U Mini Wireless Internet and Gaming
cherryblue Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd
cherrybluea Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd (alt.)
cherrybunlim Cherry B.UNLIMITED
cherrycyboard Cherry CyBo@rd USB-Hub
cherrycmexpert Cherry CyMotion Expert
cymotionlinux Cherry CyMotion Master Linux
cherryblueb Cherry CyMotion Master XPress
chicony Chicony Internet
chicony9885 Chicony KB-9885
chicony0108 Chicony KU-0108
chicony0420 Chicony KU-0420
chromebook Chromebook
compalfl90 Compal FL90
armada Compaq Armada laptop
compaqeak8 Compaq Easy Access
compaqik7 Compaq Internet (7 keys)
compaqik13 Compaq Internet (13 keys)
compaqik18 Compaq Internet (18 keys)
ipaq Compaq iPaq
presario Compaq Presario laptop
creativedw7000 Creative Desktop Wireless 7000
dell Dell
dell101 Dell 101-key PC
latitude Dell Latitude laptop
inspiron Dell Inspiron 6000/8000 laptop
precision_m Dell Precision M laptop
dellm65 Dell Precision M65 laptop
dellsk8125 Dell SK-8125
dellsk8135 Dell SK-8135
dellusbmm Dell USB Multimedia
dexxa Dexxa Wireless Desktop
diamond Diamond 9801/9802
dtk2000 DTK2000
emachines eMachines m6800 laptop
ennyah_dkb1008 Ennyah DKB-1008
everex Everex STEPnote
fscaa1667g Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo laptop
genius Genius Comfy KB-16M/Multimedia KWD-910
geniuscomfy Genius Comfy KB-12e
geniuscomfy2 Genius Comfy KB-21e-Scroll
geniuskb19e Genius KB-19e NB
geniuskkb2050hs Genius KKB-2050HS
gyration Gyration
hhk Happy Hacking
hpi6 Hewlett-Packard Internet
hpmini110 Hewlett-Packard Mini 110 laptop
hpnx9020 Hewlett-Packard nx9020
hp5xx Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 500
hp500fa Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 500 FA
hp6000 Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 6000/6100
hpxe3gc Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GC
hpxe3gf Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GF
hpxt1000 Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XT1000
hpdv5 Hewlett-Packard Pavilion dv5
hpzt11xx Hewlett-Packard Pavilion ZT1100
hp250x Hewlett-Packard SK-2501 Multimedia
honeywell_euroboard Honeywell Euroboard
rapidaccess IBM Rapid Access
rapidaccess2 IBM Rapid Access II
ibm_spacesaver IBM Space Saver
thinkpad IBM ThinkPad 560Z/600/600E/A22E
thinkpad60 IBM ThinkPad R60/T60/R61/T61
thinkpadz60 IBM ThinkPad Z60m/Z60t/Z61m/Z61t
flexpro Keytronic FlexPro
kinesis Kinesis
logitech_base Logitech
logiaccess Logitech Access
logicd Logitech Cordless Desktop
logicda Logitech Cordless Desktop (alt.)
logiex110 Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110
logicd_it Logitech Cordless Desktop iTouch
logiclx300 Logitech Cordless Desktop LX-300
logicd_nav Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator
logicd_opt Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical
logidinovo Logitech diNovo
logidinovoedge Logitech diNovo Edge
logitech_g15 Logitech G15 extra keys via G15daemon
logiik Logitech Internet
logii350 Logitech Internet 350
logimel Logitech Internet 350
logicink Logitech Internet Navigator
itouch Logitech iTouch
logiitc Logitech iTouch Cordless Y-RB6
logiinkse Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator SE
logiinkseusb Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator SE USB
logiultrax Logitech Ultra-X
logiultraxc Logitech Ultra-X Cordless Media Desktop
mx1998 Memorex MX1998
mx2500 Memorex MX2500 EZ-Access
mx2750 Memorex MX2750
microsoftccurve2k Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000
microsoftinet Microsoft Internet
microsoftprose Microsoft Internet Pro (Swedish)
microsoft Microsoft Natural
microsoftelite Microsoft Natural Elite
microsoft4000 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000
microsoft7000 Microsoft Natural Wireless Ergonomic 7000
microsoftpro Microsoft Natural Pro/Internet Pro
microsoftprousb Microsoft Natural Pro USB/Internet Pro
microsoftprooem Microsoft Natural Pro OEM
microsoftoffice Microsoft Office Keyboard
microsoftsurface Microsoft Surface
microsoftmult Microsoft Wireless Multimedia 1.0A
sk1300 NEC SK-1300
sk2500 NEC SK-2500
sk6200 NEC SK-6200
sk7100 NEC SK-7100
omnikey101 Northgate OmniKey 101
olpc OLPC
oretec Ortek Multimedia/Internet MCK-800
pc98 PC-98
ppkb PinePhone Keyboard
propeller Propeller Voyager KTEZ-1000
qtronix QTronix Scorpius 98N+
samsung4500 Samsung SDM 4500P
samsung4510 Samsung SDM 4510P
sanwaskbkg3 Sanwa Supply SKB-KG3
silvercrest Silvercrest Multimedia Wireless
apex300 SteelSeries Apex 300 (Apex RAW)
sun_type6_jp Sun Type 6 (Japanese)
sun_type6_jp_usb Sun Type 6 USB (Japanese)
sun_type6_unix_usb Sun Type 6 USB (Unix)
sun_type6_usb Sun Type 6/7 USB
sun_type6_euro_usb Sun Type 6/7 USB (European)
sun_type7_usb Sun Type 7 USB
sun_type7_euro_usb Sun Type 7 USB (European)
sun_type7_jp_usb Sun Type 7 USB (Japanese)/Japanese 106-key
sun_type7_unix_usb Sun Type 7 USB (Unix)
sp_inet Super Power Multimedia
sven SVEN Ergonomic 2500
sven303 SVEN Slim 303
symplon Symplon PaceBook tablet
targa_v811 Targa Visionary 811
toshiba_s3000 Toshiba Satellite S3000
teck227 Truly Ergonomic 227
teck229 Truly Ergonomic 229
trustda Trust Direct Access
trust_slimline Trust Slimline
trust Trust Wireless Classic
tm2020 TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2020
tm2030PS2 TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 PS2
tm2030USB TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB
tm2030USB-102 TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB (102/105:EU mode)
tm2030USB-106 TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB (106:JP mode)
unitekkb1925 Unitek KB-1925
vsonku306 ViewSonic KU-306 Internet
winbook Winbook Model XP5
yahoo Yahoo! Internet

Layout(Variant) Description
al Albanian
al(plisi) Albanian (Plisi)
al(veqilharxhi) Albanian (Veqilharxhi)
et Amharic
am Armenian
am(phonetic) Armenian (phonetic)
am(phonetic-alt) Armenian (alt. phonetic)
am(eastern) Armenian (eastern)
am(eastern-alt) Armenian (alt. eastern)
am(western) Armenian (western)
ara Arabic
ara(digits) Arabic (Eastern Arabic numerals)
ara(azerty) Arabic (AZERTY)
ara(azerty_digits) Arabic (AZERTY, Eastern Arabic numerals)
ara(buckwalter) Arabic (Buckwalter)
ara(mac) Arabic (Macintosh)
ara(mac-phonetic) Arabic (Macintosh, phonetic)
ara(olpc) Arabic (OLPC)
eg Arabic (Egypt)
iq Arabic (Iraq)
iq(ku) Kurdish (Iraq, Latin Q)
iq(ku_alt) Kurdish (Iraq, Latin Alt-Q)
iq(ku_f) Kurdish (Iraq, F)
iq(ku_ara) Kurdish (Iraq, Arabic-Latin)
ma Arabic (Morocco)
ma(tifinagh) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh)
ma(tifinagh-alt) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh alt.)
ma(tifinagh-alt-phonetic) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh phonetic, alt.)
ma(tifinagh-extended) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh extended)
ma(tifinagh-phonetic) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh phonetic)
ma(tifinagh-extended-phonetic) Berber (Morocco, Tifinagh extended phonetic)
ma(french) French (Morocco)
ma(rif) Tarifit
sy Arabic (Syria)
sy(syc) Syriac
sy(syc_phonetic) Syriac (phonetic)
sy(ku) Kurdish (Syria, Latin Q)
sy(ku_alt) Kurdish (Syria, Latin Alt-Q)
sy(ku_f) Kurdish (Syria, F)
az Azerbaijani
az(cyrillic) Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)
ml Bambara
ml(fr-oss) French (Mali, alt.)
ml(us-mac) English (Mali, US, Macintosh)
ml(us-intl) English (Mali, US, intl.)
bd Bangla
bd(probhat) Bangla (Probhat)
by Belarusian
by(legacy) Belarusian (legacy)
by(latin) Belarusian (Latin)
by(intl) Belarusian (intl.)
by(phonetic) Belarusian (phonetic)
by(ru) Russian (Belarus)
be Belgian
be(oss) Belgian (alt.)
be(oss_latin9) Belgian (Latin-9 only, alt.)
be(iso-alternate) Belgian (ISO, alt.)
be(nodeadkeys) Belgian (no dead keys)
be(wang) Belgian (Wang 724 AZERTY)
dz Berber (Algeria, Latin)
dz(ber) Berber (Algeria, Tifinagh)
dz(azerty-deadkeys) Kabyle (AZERTY, with dead keys)
dz(qwerty-gb-deadkeys) Kabyle (QWERTY, UK, with dead keys)
dz(qwerty-us-deadkeys) Kabyle (QWERTY, US, with dead keys)
dz(ar) Arabic (Algeria)
ba Bosnian
ba(alternatequotes) Bosnian (with guillemets)
ba(unicode) Bosnian (with Bosnian digraphs)
ba(unicodeus) Bosnian (US, with Bosnian digraphs)
ba(us) Bosnian (US)
brai Braille
brai(left_hand) Braille (left-handed)
brai(left_hand_invert) Braille (left-handed inverted thumb)
brai(right_hand) Braille (right-handed)
brai(right_hand_invert) Braille (right-handed inverted thumb)
bg Bulgarian
bg(phonetic) Bulgarian (traditional phonetic)
bg(bas_phonetic) Bulgarian (new phonetic)
bg(bekl) Bulgarian (enhanced)
mm Burmese
mm(zawgyi) Burmese (Zawgyi)
mm(mnw) Mon
mm(mnw-a1) Mon (A1)
mm(shn) Shan
mm(zgt) Shan (Zawgyi)
cn Chinese
cn(altgr-pinyin) Hanyu Pinyin Letters (with AltGr dead keys)
cn(mon_trad) Mongolian (Bichig)
cn(mon_trad_todo) Mongolian (Todo)
cn(mon_trad_xibe) Mongolian (Xibe)
cn(mon_trad_manchu) Mongolian (Manchu)
cn(mon_trad_galik) Mongolian (Galik)
cn(mon_todo_galik) Mongolian (Todo Galik)
cn(mon_manchu_galik) Mongolian (Manchu Galik)
cn(tib) Tibetan
cn(tib_asciinum) Tibetan (with ASCII numerals)
cn(ug) Uyghur
hr Croatian
hr(alternatequotes) Croatian (with guillemets)
hr(unicode) Croatian (with Croatian digraphs)
hr(unicodeus) Croatian (US, with Croatian digraphs)
hr(us) Croatian (US)
cz Czech
cz(bksl) Czech (extra backslash)
cz(qwerty) Czech (QWERTY)
cz(qwerty_bksl) Czech (QWERTY, extra backslash)
cz(winkeys) Czech (QWERTZ, Windows)
cz(winkeys-qwerty) Czech (QWERTY, Windows)
cz(qwerty-mac) Czech (QWERTY, Macintosh)
cz(ucw) Czech (UCW, only accented letters)
cz(dvorak-ucw) Czech (US, Dvorak, UCW support)
cz(rus) Russian (Czechia, phonetic)
dk Danish
dk(nodeadkeys) Danish (no dead keys)
dk(winkeys) Danish (Windows)
dk(mac) Danish (Macintosh)
dk(mac_nodeadkeys) Danish (Macintosh, no dead keys)
dk(dvorak) Danish (Dvorak)
af Dari
af(ps) Pashto
af(uz) Uzbek (Afghanistan)
af(fa-olpc) Dari (Afghanistan, OLPC)
af(ps-olpc) Pashto (Afghanistan, OLPC)
af(uz-olpc) Uzbek (Afghanistan, OLPC)
mv Dhivehi
nl Dutch
nl(us) Dutch (US)
nl(mac) Dutch (Macintosh)
nl(std) Dutch (standard)
bt Dzongkha
au English (Australia)
cm English (Cameroon)
cm(french) French (Cameroon)
cm(qwerty) Cameroon Multilingual (QWERTY, intl.)
cm(azerty) Cameroon (AZERTY, intl.)
cm(dvorak) Cameroon (Dvorak, intl.)
cm(mmuock) Mmuock
gh English (Ghana)
gh(generic) English (Ghana, multilingual)
gh(gillbt) English (Ghana, GILLBT)
gh(akan) Akan
gh(avn) Avatime
gh(ewe) Ewe
gh(fula) Fula
gh(ga) Ga
gh(hausa) Hausa (Ghana)
nz English (New Zealand)
nz(mao) Maori
ng English (Nigeria)
ng(hausa) Hausa (Nigeria)
ng(igbo) Igbo
ng(yoruba) Yoruba
za English (South Africa)
gb English (UK)
gb(extd) English (UK, extended, Windows)
gb(intl) English (UK, intl., with dead keys)
gb(dvorak) English (UK, Dvorak)
gb(dvorakukp) English (UK, Dvorak, with UK punctuation)
gb(mac) English (UK, Macintosh)
gb(mac_intl) English (UK, Macintosh, intl.)
gb(colemak) English (UK, Colemak)
gb(colemak_dh) English (UK, Colemak-DH)
gb(gla) Scottish Gaelic
gb(pl) Polish (British keyboard)
us English (US)
us(euro) English (US, euro on 5)
us(intl) English (US, intl., with dead keys)
us(alt-intl) English (US, alt. intl.)
us(altgr-intl) English (intl., with AltGr dead keys)
us(mac) English (Macintosh)
us(colemak) English (Colemak)
us(colemak_dh) English (Colemak-DH)
us(colemak_dh_wide) English (Colemak-DH Wide)
us(colemak_dh_ortho) English (Colemak-DH Ortholinear)
us(colemak_dh_iso) English (Colemak-DH ISO)
us(colemak_dh_wide_iso) English (Colemak-DH Wide ISO)
us(dvorak) English (Dvorak)
us(dvorak-intl) English (Dvorak, intl., with dead keys)
us(dvorak-alt-intl) English (Dvorak, alt. intl.)
us(dvorak-l) English (Dvorak, left-handed)
us(dvorak-r) English (Dvorak, right-handed)
us(dvorak-classic) English (classic Dvorak)
us(dvp) English (programmer Dvorak)
us(dvorak-mac) English (Dvorak, Macintosh)
us(norman) English (Norman)
us(symbolic) English (US, Symbolic)
us(workman) English (Workman)
us(workman-intl) English (Workman, intl., with dead keys)
us(olpc2) English (the divide/multiply toggle the layout)
us(chr) Cherokee
us(haw) Hawaiian
us(rus) Russian (US, phonetic)
us(hbs) Serbo-Croatian (US)
epo Esperanto
epo(legacy) Esperanto (legacy)
ee Estonian
ee(nodeadkeys) Estonian (no dead keys)
ee(dvorak) Estonian (Dvorak)
ee(us) Estonian (US)
fo Faroese
fo(nodeadkeys) Faroese (no dead keys)
ph Filipino
ph(qwerty-bay) Filipino (QWERTY, Baybayin)
ph(capewell-dvorak) Filipino (Capewell-Dvorak, Latin)
ph(capewell-dvorak-bay) Filipino (Capewell-Dvorak, Baybayin)
ph(capewell-qwerf2k6) Filipino (Capewell-QWERF 2006, Latin)
ph(capewell-qwerf2k6-bay) Filipino (Capewell-QWERF 2006, Baybayin)
ph(colemak) Filipino (Colemak, Latin)
ph(colemak-bay) Filipino (Colemak, Baybayin)
ph(dvorak) Filipino (Dvorak, Latin)
ph(dvorak-bay) Filipino (Dvorak, Baybayin)
fi Finnish
fi(winkeys) Finnish (Windows)
fi(classic) Finnish (classic)
fi(nodeadkeys) Finnish (classic, no dead keys)
fi(mac) Finnish (Macintosh)
fi(smi) Northern Saami (Finland)
fr French
fr(nodeadkeys) French (no dead keys)
fr(oss) French (alt.)
fr(oss_nodeadkeys) French (alt., no dead keys)
fr(oss_latin9) French (alt., Latin-9 only)
fr(latin9) French (legacy, alt.)
fr(latin9_nodeadkeys) French (legacy, alt., no dead keys)
fr(azerty) French (AZERTY)
fr(afnor) French (AZERTY, AFNOR)
fr(bepo) French (BEPO)
fr(bepo_latin9) French (BEPO, Latin-9 only)
fr(bepo_afnor) French (BEPO, AFNOR)
fr(dvorak) French (Dvorak)
fr(ergol) French (Ergo‑L)
fr(ergol_iso) French (Ergo‑L, ISO variant)
fr(mac) French (Macintosh)
fr(us) French (US)
fr(bre) Breton (France)
fr(oci) Occitan
fr(geo) Georgian (France, AZERTY Tskapo)
ca French (Canada)
ca(fr-dvorak) French (Canada, Dvorak)
ca(fr-legacy) French (Canada, legacy)
ca(multix) Canadian (CSA)
ca(eng) English (Canada)
ca(ike) Inuktitut
cd French (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
tg French (Togo)
ge Georgian
ge(ergonomic) Georgian (ergonomic)
ge(mess) Georgian (MESS)
ge(os) Ossetian (Georgia)
ge(ru) Russian (Georgia)
de German
de(deadacute) German (dead acute)
de(deadgraveacute) German (dead grave acute)
de(deadtilde) German (dead tilde)
de(nodeadkeys) German (no dead keys)
de(e1) German (E1)
de(e2) German (E2)
de(T3) German (T3)
de(us) German (US)
de(dvorak) German (Dvorak)
de(mac) German (Macintosh)
de(mac_nodeadkeys) German (Macintosh, no dead keys)
de(neo) German (Neo 2)
de(qwerty) German (QWERTY)
de(dsb) Lower Sorbian
de(dsb_qwertz) Lower Sorbian (QWERTZ)
de(ro) Romanian (Germany)
de(ro_nodeadkeys) Romanian (Germany, no dead keys)
de(ru) Russian (Germany, phonetic)
de(tr) Turkish (Germany)
at German (Austria)
at(nodeadkeys) German (Austria, no dead keys)
at(mac) German (Austria, Macintosh)
ch German (Switzerland)
ch(de_nodeadkeys) German (Switzerland, no dead keys)
ch(de_mac) German (Switzerland, Macintosh)
ch(legacy) German (Switzerland, legacy)
ch(fr) French (Switzerland)
ch(fr_nodeadkeys) French (Switzerland, no dead keys)
ch(fr_mac) French (Switzerland, Macintosh)
gr Greek
gr(simple) Greek (simple)
gr(nodeadkeys) Greek (no dead keys)
gr(polytonic) Greek (polytonic)
il Hebrew
il(si2) Hebrew (SI-1452-2)
il(lyx) Hebrew (lyx)
il(phonetic) Hebrew (phonetic)
il(biblical) Hebrew (Biblical, Tiro)
hu Hungarian
hu(standard) Hungarian (standard)
hu(nodeadkeys) Hungarian (no dead keys)
hu(qwerty) Hungarian (QWERTY)
hu(101_qwertz_comma_dead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 101-key, comma, dead keys)
hu(101_qwertz_comma_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 101-key, comma, no dead keys)
hu(101_qwertz_dot_dead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 101-key, dot, dead keys)
hu(101_qwertz_dot_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 101-key, dot, no dead keys)
hu(101_qwerty_comma_dead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 101-key, comma, dead keys)
hu(101_qwerty_comma_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 101-key, comma, no dead keys)
hu(101_qwerty_dot_dead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 101-key, dot, dead keys)
hu(101_qwerty_dot_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 101-key, dot, no dead keys)
hu(102_qwertz_comma_dead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 102-key, comma, dead keys)
hu(102_qwertz_comma_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 102-key, comma, no dead keys)
hu(102_qwertz_dot_dead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 102-key, dot, dead keys)
hu(102_qwertz_dot_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTZ, 102-key, dot, no dead keys)
hu(102_qwerty_comma_dead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 102-key, comma, dead keys)
hu(102_qwerty_comma_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 102-key, comma, no dead keys)
hu(102_qwerty_dot_dead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 102-key, dot, dead keys)
hu(102_qwerty_dot_nodead) Hungarian (QWERTY, 102-key, dot, no dead keys)
is Icelandic
is(mac_legacy) Icelandic (Macintosh, legacy)
is(mac) Icelandic (Macintosh)
is(dvorak) Icelandic (Dvorak)
in Indian
in(asm-kagapa) Assamese (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(ben) Bangla (India)
in(ben_probhat) Bangla (India, Probhat)
in(ben_baishakhi) Bangla (India, Baishakhi)
in(ben_bornona) Bangla (India, Bornona)
in(ben-kagapa) Bangla (India, KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(ben_gitanjali) Bangla (India, Gitanjali)
in(ben_inscript) Bangla (India, Baishakhi InScript)
in(eng) English (India, with rupee)
in(guj) Gujarati
in(guj-kagapa) Gujarati (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(bolnagri) Hindi (Bolnagri)
in(hin-wx) Hindi (Wx)
in(hin-kagapa) Hindi (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(kan) Kannada
in(kan-kagapa) Kannada (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(mal) Malayalam
in(mal_lalitha) Malayalam (Lalitha)
in(mal_enhanced) Malayalam (enhanced InScript, with rupee)
in(mal_poorna) Malayalam (Poorna, extended InScript)
in(mni) Manipuri (Meitei)
in(mar-kagapa) Marathi (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(marathi) Marathi (enhanced InScript)
in(ori) Oriya
in(ori-bolnagri) Oriya (Bolnagri)
in(ori-wx) Oriya (Wx)
in(guru) Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
in(jhelum) Punjabi (Gurmukhi Jhelum)
in(san-kagapa) Sanskrit (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(sat) Santali (Ol Chiki)
in(tamilnet) Tamil (TamilNet '99)
in(tamilnet_tamilnumbers) Tamil (TamilNet '99 with Tamil numerals)
in(tamilnet_TAB) Tamil (TamilNet '99, TAB encoding)
in(tamilnet_TSCII) Tamil (TamilNet '99, TSCII encoding)
in(tam) Tamil (InScript, with Arabic numerals)
in(tam_tamilnumbers) Tamil (InScript, with Tamil numerals)
in(tel) Telugu
in(tel-kagapa) Telugu (KaGaPa, phonetic)
in(tel-sarala) Telugu (Sarala)
in(urd-phonetic) Urdu (phonetic)
in(urd-phonetic3) Urdu (alt. phonetic)
in(urd-winkeys) Urdu (Windows)
in(iipa) Indic IPA
id Indonesian (Latin)
id(melayu-phonetic) Indonesian (Arab Melayu, phonetic)
id(melayu-phoneticx) Indonesian (Arab Melayu, extended phonetic)
id(pegon-phonetic) Indonesian (Arab Pegon, phonetic)
id(javanese) Javanese
ie Irish
ie(UnicodeExpert) Irish (UnicodeExpert)
ie(CloGaelach) CloGaelach
ie(ogam) Ogham
ie(ogam_is434) Ogham (IS434)
it Italian
it(nodeadkeys) Italian (no dead keys)
it(winkeys) Italian (Windows)
it(mac) Italian (Macintosh)
it(us) Italian (US)
it(ibm) Italian (IBM 142)
it(fur) Friulian (Italy)
it(scn) Sicilian
it(geo) Georgian (Italy)
jp Japanese
jp(kana) Japanese (Kana)
jp(kana86) Japanese (Kana 86)
jp(OADG109A) Japanese (OADG 109A)
jp(mac) Japanese (Macintosh)
jp(dvorak) Japanese (Dvorak)
kz Kazakh
kz(kazrus) Kazakh (with Russian)
kz(ext) Kazakh (extended)
kz(latin) Kazakh (Latin)
kz(ruskaz) Russian (Kazakhstan, with Kazakh)
kh Khmer (Cambodia)
kr Korean
kr(kr104) Korean (101/104-key compatible)
kg Kyrgyz
kg(phonetic) Kyrgyz (phonetic)
la Lao
la(stea) Lao (STEA)
lv Latvian
lv(apostrophe) Latvian (apostrophe)
lv(tilde) Latvian (tilde)
lv(fkey) Latvian (F)
lv(modern) Latvian (Modern Latin)
lv(modern-cyr) Latvian (Modern Cyrillic)
lv(ergonomic) Latvian (ergonomic, ŪGJRMV)
lv(adapted) Latvian (adapted)
lt Lithuanian
lt(std) Lithuanian (standard)
lt(us) Lithuanian (US)
lt(ibm) Lithuanian (IBM)
lt(lekp) Lithuanian (LEKP)
lt(lekpa) Lithuanian (LEKPa)
lt(ratise) Lithuanian (Ratise)
lt(sgs) Samogitian
mk Macedonian
mk(nodeadkeys) Macedonian (no dead keys)
my Malay (Jawi, Arabic Keyboard)
my(phonetic) Malay (Jawi, phonetic)
mt Maltese
mt(us) Maltese (US)
mt(alt-us) Maltese (US, with AltGr overrides)
mt(alt-gb) Maltese (UK, with AltGr overrides)
md Moldavian
md(gag) Gagauz (Moldova)
mn Mongolian
me Montenegrin
me(cyrillic) Montenegrin (Cyrillic)
me(cyrillicyz) Montenegrin (Cyrillic, ZE and ZHE swapped)
me(cyrillicalternatequotes) Montenegrin (Cyrillic, with guillemets)
me(latinunicode) Montenegrin (Latin, Unicode)
me(latinyz) Montenegrin (Latin, QWERTY)
me(latinunicodeyz) Montenegrin (Latin, Unicode, QWERTY)
me(latinalternatequotes) Montenegrin (Latin, with guillemets)
np Nepali
gn N'Ko (AZERTY)
no Norwegian
no(nodeadkeys) Norwegian (no dead keys)
no(winkeys) Norwegian (Windows)
no(mac) Norwegian (Macintosh)
no(mac_nodeadkeys) Norwegian (Macintosh, no dead keys)
no(colemak) Norwegian (Colemak)
no(colemak_dh) Norwegian (Colemak-DH)
no(colemak_dh_wide) Norwegian (Colemak-DH Wide)
no(dvorak) Norwegian (Dvorak)
no(smi) Northern Saami (Norway)
no(smi_nodeadkeys) Northern Saami (Norway, no dead keys)
ir Persian
ir(pes_keypad) Persian (with Persian keypad)
ir(winkeys) Persian (Windows)
ir(azb) Azerbaijani (Iran)
ir(ku) Kurdish (Iran, Latin Q)
ir(ku_alt) Kurdish (Iran, Latin Alt-Q)
ir(ku_f) Kurdish (Iran, F)
ir(ku_ara) Kurdish (Iran, Arabic-Latin)
pl Polish
pl(legacy) Polish (legacy)
pl(qwertz) Polish (QWERTZ)
pl(dvorak) Polish (Dvorak)
pl(dvorak_quotes) Polish (Dvorak, with Polish quotes on quotemark key)
pl(dvorak_altquotes) Polish (Dvorak, with Polish quotes on key 1)
pl(dvp) Polish (programmer Dvorak)
pl(csb) Kashubian
pl(szl) Silesian
pl(ru_phonetic_dvorak) Russian (Poland, phonetic Dvorak)
pt Portuguese
pt(nodeadkeys) Portuguese (no dead keys)
pt(mac) Portuguese (Macintosh)
pt(mac_nodeadkeys) Portuguese (Macintosh, no dead keys)
pt(nativo) Portuguese (Nativo)
pt(nativo-us) Portuguese (Nativo for US keyboards)
pt(nativo-epo) Esperanto (Portugal, Nativo)
br Portuguese (Brazil)
br(nodeadkeys) Portuguese (Brazil, no dead keys)
br(dvorak) Portuguese (Brazil, Dvorak)
br(nativo) Portuguese (Brazil, Nativo)
br(nativo-us) Portuguese (Brazil, Nativo for US keyboards)
br(thinkpad) Portuguese (Brazil, IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad)
br(nativo-epo) Esperanto (Brazil, Nativo)
br(rus) Russian (Brazil, phonetic)
ro Romanian
ro(std) Romanian (standard)
ro(winkeys) Romanian (Windows)
ru Russian
ru(phonetic) Russian (phonetic)
ru(phonetic_winkeys) Russian (phonetic, Windows)
ru(phonetic_YAZHERTY) Russian (phonetic, YAZHERTY)
ru(phonetic_azerty) Russian (phonetic, AZERTY)
ru(phonetic_dvorak) Russian (phonetic, Dvorak)
ru(typewriter) Russian (typewriter)
ru(ruchey_ru) Russian (engineering, RU)
ru(ruchey_en) Russian (engineering, EN)
ru(legacy) Russian (legacy)
ru(typewriter-legacy) Russian (typewriter, legacy)
ru(dos) Russian (DOS)
ru(mac) Russian (Macintosh)
ru(ab) Abkhazian (Russia)
ru(bak) Bashkirian
ru(cv) Chuvash
ru(cv_latin) Chuvash (Latin)
ru(xal) Kalmyk
ru(kom) Komi
ru(chm) Mari
ru(os_legacy) Ossetian (legacy)
ru(os_winkeys) Ossetian (Windows)
ru(srp) Serbian (Russia)
ru(tt) Tatar
ru(udm) Udmurt
ru(sah) Yakut
rs Serbian
rs(alternatequotes) Serbian (Cyrillic, with guillemets)
rs(yz) Serbian (Cyrillic, ZE and ZHE swapped)
rs(latin) Serbian (Latin)
rs(latinalternatequotes) Serbian (Latin, with guillemets)
rs(latinunicode) Serbian (Latin, Unicode)
rs(latinyz) Serbian (Latin, QWERTY)
rs(latinunicodeyz) Serbian (Latin, Unicode, QWERTY)
rs(rue) Pannonian Rusyn
lk Sinhala (phonetic)
lk(us) Sinhala (US)
lk(tam_unicode) Tamil (Sri Lanka, TamilNet '99)
lk(tam_TAB) Tamil (Sri Lanka, TamilNet '99, TAB encoding)
sk Slovak
sk(bksl) Slovak (extra backslash)
sk(qwerty) Slovak (QWERTY)
sk(qwerty_bksl) Slovak (QWERTY, extra backslash)
si Slovenian
si(alternatequotes) Slovenian (with guillemets)
si(us) Slovenian (US)
es Spanish
es(nodeadkeys) Spanish (no dead keys)
es(deadtilde) Spanish (dead tilde)
es(winkeys) Spanish (Windows)
es(dvorak) Spanish (Dvorak)
es(ast) Asturian (Spain, with bottom-dot H and L)
es(cat) Catalan (Spain, with middle-dot L)
latam Spanish (Latin American)
latam(nodeadkeys) Spanish (Latin American, no dead keys)
latam(deadtilde) Spanish (Latin American, dead tilde)
latam(dvorak) Spanish (Latin American, Dvorak)
latam(colemak) Spanish (Latin American, Colemak)
ke Swahili (Kenya)
ke(kik) Kikuyu
tz Swahili (Tanzania)
se Swedish
se(nodeadkeys) Swedish (no dead keys)
se(dvorak) Swedish (Dvorak)
se(us_dvorak) Swedish (Dvorak, intl.)
se(svdvorak) Swedish (Svdvorak)
se(mac) Swedish (Macintosh)
se(us) Swedish (US)
se(swl) Swedish Sign Language
se(smi) Northern Saami (Sweden)
se(rus) Russian (Sweden, phonetic)
tw Taiwanese
tw(indigenous) Taiwanese (indigenous)
tw(saisiyat) Saisiyat (Taiwan)
tj Tajik
tj(legacy) Tajik (legacy)
th Thai
th(tis) Thai (TIS-820.2538)
th(pat) Thai (Pattachote)
bw Tswana
tm Turkmen
tm(alt) Turkmen (Alt-Q)
tr Turkish
tr(f) Turkish (F)
tr(e) Turkish (E)
tr(alt) Turkish (Alt-Q)
tr(intl) Turkish (intl., with dead keys)
tr(ku) Kurdish (Turkey, Latin Q)
tr(ku_f) Kurdish (Turkey, F)
tr(ku_alt) Kurdish (Turkey, Latin Alt-Q)
ua Ukrainian
ua(phonetic) Ukrainian (phonetic)
ua(typewriter) Ukrainian (typewriter)
ua(winkeys) Ukrainian (Windows)
ua(macOS) Ukrainian (macOS)
ua(legacy) Ukrainian (legacy)
ua(homophonic) Ukrainian (homophonic)
ua(crh) Crimean Tatar (Turkish Q)
ua(crh_f) Crimean Tatar (Turkish F)
ua(crh_alt) Crimean Tatar (Turkish Alt-Q)
pk Urdu (Pakistan)
pk(urd-crulp) Urdu (Pakistan, CRULP)
pk(urd-nla) Urdu (Pakistan, NLA)
pk(ara) Arabic (Pakistan)
pk(snd) Sindhi
uz Uzbek
uz(latin) Uzbek (Latin)
vn Vietnamese
vn(us) Vietnamese (US)
vn(fr) Vietnamese (France)
sn Wolof
custom A user-defined custom Layout

Option Description
grp:switch Right Alt (while pressed)
grp:lswitch Left Alt (while pressed)
grp:lwin_switch Left Win (while pressed)
grp:rwin_switch Right Win (while pressed)
grp:win_switch Any Win (while pressed)
grp:menu_switch Menu (while pressed), Shift+Menu for Menu
grp:caps_switch Caps Lock (while pressed), Alt+Caps Lock for the original Caps Lock action
grp:rctrl_switch Right Ctrl (while pressed)
grp:toggle Right Alt
grp:lalt_toggle Left Alt
grp:caps_toggle Caps Lock
grp:shift_caps_toggle Shift+Caps Lock
grp:caps_select Caps Lock to first layout; Shift+Caps Lock to second layout
grp:win_menu_select Left Win to first layout; Right Win/Menu to second layout
grp:ctrl_select Left Ctrl to first layout; Right Ctrl to second layout
grp:alt_caps_toggle Alt+Caps Lock
grp:shifts_toggle Both Shifts together
grp:alts_toggle Both Alts together
grp:alt_altgr_toggle Both Alts together; AltGr alone chooses third level
grp:ctrls_toggle Both Ctrls together
grp:ctrl_shift_toggle Ctrl+Shift
grp:lctrl_lshift_toggle Left Ctrl+Left Shift
grp:rctrl_rshift_toggle Right Ctrl+Right Shift
grp:ctrl_shift_toggle_bidir Left Ctrl+Left Shift chooses previous layout, Right Ctrl + Right Shift chooses next layout
grp:ctrl_alt_toggle Alt+Ctrl
grp:lctrl_lalt_toggle Left Alt+Left Ctrl
grp:rctrl_ralt_toggle Right Alt+Right Ctrl
grp:ctrl_alt_toggle_bidir Left Ctrl+Left Alt chooses previous layout, Right Ctrl + Right Alt chooses next layout
grp:alt_shift_toggle Alt+Shift
grp:lalt_lshift_toggle Left Alt+Left Shift
grp:ralt_rshift_toggle Right Alt+Right Shift
grp:alt_shift_toggle_bidir Left Alt+Left Shift chooses previous layout, Right Alt + Right Shift chooses next layout
grp:menu_toggle Menu
grp:lwin_toggle Left Win
grp:alt_space_toggle Alt+Space
grp:win_space_toggle Win+Space
grp:ctrl_space_toggle Ctrl+Space
grp:rwin_toggle Right Win
grp:lshift_toggle Left Shift
grp:rshift_toggle Right Shift
grp:lctrl_toggle Left Ctrl
grp:rctrl_toggle Right Ctrl
grp:sclk_toggle Scroll Lock
grp:lctrl_lwin_rctrl_menu Ctrl+Left Win to first layout; Ctrl+Menu to second layout
grp:lctrl_lwin_toggle Left Ctrl+Left Win

Option Description
lv2:lsgt_switch The "< >" key

Option Description
lv3:switch Right Ctrl
lv3:menu_switch Menu
lv3:win_switch Any Win
lv3:lwin_switch Left Win
lv3:rwin_switch Right Win
lv3:alt_switch Any Alt
lv3:lalt_switch Left Alt
lv3:ralt_switch Right Alt
lv3:ralt_switch_multikey Right Alt; Shift+Right Alt as Compose
lv3:ralt_alt Right Alt never chooses 3rd level
lv3:enter_switch Enter on keypad
lv3:caps_switch Caps Lock
lv3:bksl_switch Backslash
lv3:lsgt_switch The "< >" key
lv3:caps_switch_latch Caps Lock; acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd-level chooser
lv3:bksl_switch_latch Backslash; acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd level chooser
lv3:lsgt_switch_latch The "< >" key; acts as onetime lock when pressed together with another 3rd level chooser

Option Description
ctrl:nocaps Caps Lock as Ctrl
ctrl:lctrl_meta Left Ctrl as Meta
ctrl:swapcaps Swap Ctrl and Caps Lock
ctrl:grouptoggle_capscontrol Caps Lock as Ctrl, Left Control switches to another layout
ctrl:hyper_capscontrol Caps Lock as Ctrl, Ctrl as Hyper
ctrl:ac_ctrl To the left of "A"
ctrl:aa_ctrl At the bottom left
ctrl:rctrl_ralt Right Ctrl as Right Alt
ctrl:ralt_rctrl Right Alt as Right Control
ctrl:menu_rctrl Menu as Right Ctrl
ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl Swap Left Alt with Left Ctrl
ctrl:swap_ralt_rctl Swap Right Alt with Right Ctrl
ctrl:swap_lwin_lctl Swap Left Win with Left Ctrl
ctrl:swap_rwin_rctl Swap Right Win with Right Ctrl
ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl_lwin Left Alt as Ctrl, Left Ctrl as Win, Left Win as Left Alt

Option Description
grp_led:num Num Lock
grp_led:caps Caps Lock
grp_led:scroll Scroll Lock

Option Description
mod_led:compose Compose

Option Description
keypad:legacy Legacy
keypad:oss Unicode arrows and math operators
keypad:future Unicode arrows and math operators on default level
keypad:legacy_wang Legacy Wang 724
keypad:oss_wang Wang 724 keypad with Unicode arrows and math operators
keypad:future_wang Wang 724 keypad with Unicode arrows and math operators on default level
keypad:hex Hexadecimal
keypad:atm Phone and ATM style

Option Description
kpdl:dot Legacy key with dot
kpdl:comma Legacy key with comma
kpdl:dotoss Four-level key with dot
kpdl:dotoss_latin9 Four-level key with dot, Latin-9 only
kpdl:commaoss Four-level key with comma
kpdl:momayyezoss Four-level key with momayyez
kpdl:kposs Four-level key with abstract separators
kpdl:semi Semicolon on third level

Option Description
caps:internal Caps Lock uses internal capitalization; Shift "pauses" Caps Lock
caps:internal_nocancel Caps Lock uses internal capitalization; Shift does not affect Caps Lock
caps:shift Caps Lock acts as Shift with locking; Shift "pauses" Caps Lock
caps:shift_nocancel Caps Lock acts as Shift with locking; Shift does not affect Caps Lock
caps:capslock Caps Lock toggles normal capitalization of alphabetic characters
caps:shiftlock Caps Lock toggles Shift Lock (affects all keys)
caps:swapescape Swap Esc and Caps Lock
caps:escape Make Caps Lock an additional Esc
caps:escape_shifted_capslock Make Caps Lock an additional Esc, but Shift + Caps Lock is the regular Caps Lock
caps:backspace Make Caps Lock an additional Backspace
caps:super Make Caps Lock an additional Super
caps:hyper Make Caps Lock an additional Hyper
caps:menu Make Caps Lock an additional Menu key
caps:numlock Make Caps Lock an additional Num Lock
caps:ctrl_modifier Make Caps Lock act as an additional Ctrl modifier, but keep identifying as Caps Lock
caps:digits_row Caps Lock gives digits on the digits row (Azerty layouts)
caps:none Caps Lock is disabled

Option Description
altwin:menu Add the standard behavior to Menu key
altwin:menu_win Menu is mapped to Win
altwin:meta_alt Alt and Meta are on Alt
altwin:alt_win Alt is mapped to Win and the usual Alt
altwin:ctrl_win Ctrl is mapped to Win and the usual Ctrl
altwin:ctrl_rwin Ctrl is mapped to Right Win and the usual Ctrl
altwin:ctrl_alt_win Ctrl is mapped to Alt, Alt to Win
altwin:meta_win Meta is mapped to Win
altwin:left_meta_win Meta is mapped to Left Win
altwin:hyper_win Hyper is mapped to Win
altwin:alt_super_win Alt is mapped to Right Win, Super to Menu
altwin:swap_lalt_lwin Left Alt is swapped with Left Win
altwin:swap_alt_win Alt is swapped with Win
altwin:prtsc_rwin Win is mapped to PrtSc and the usual Win

Option Description
compose:ralt Right Alt
compose:lwin Left Win
compose:lwin-altgr 3rd level of Left Win
compose:rwin Right Win
compose:rwin-altgr 3rd level of Right Win
compose:menu Menu
compose:menu-altgr 3rd level of Menu
compose:lctrl Left Ctrl
compose:lctrl-altgr 3rd level of Left Ctrl
compose:rctrl Right Ctrl
compose:rctrl-altgr 3rd level of Right Ctrl
compose:caps Caps Lock
compose:caps-altgr 3rd level of Caps Lock
compose:102 The "< >" key
compose:102-altgr 3rd level of the "< >" key
compose:paus Pause
compose:ins Insert
compose:prsc PrtSc
compose:sclk Scroll Lock

Option Description
numpad:pc Default numeric keypad keys
numpad:mac Numeric keypad always enters digits (as in macOS)
numpad:microsoft Num Lock on: digits; Shift for arrows. Num Lock off: arrows (as in Windows)
numpad:shift3 Shift does not cancel Num Lock, chooses 3rd level instead
scrolllock:mod3 Map Scroll Lock to Mod3
srvrkeys:none Special keys (Ctrl+Alt+<key>) handled in a server
apple:alupckeys Apple Aluminium emulates Pause, PrtSc, Scroll Lock
apple:jp_oadg109a Japanese Apple keyboards emulate OADG109A backslash
apple:jp_pc106 Japanese Apple keyboards emulate PC106 backslash
shift:breaks_caps Shift cancels Caps Lock
misc:typo Enable extra typographic characters
misc:apl Enable APL overlay characters
shift:both_capslock Both Shifts together enable Caps Lock
shift:both_capslock_cancel Both Shifts together enable Caps Lock; one Shift key disables it
shift:both_shiftlock Both Shifts together enable Shift Lock
keypad:pointerkeys Shift + Num Lock enables PointerKeys
grab:break_actions Allow breaking grabs with keyboard actions (warning: security risk)
grab:debug Allow grab and window tree logging

Option Description
eurosign:e Euro on E, third level
eurosign:E Euro on E, fourth level
eurosign:2 Euro on 2
eurosign:4 Euro on 4
eurosign:5 Euro on 5
rupeesign:4 Rupee on 4

Option Description
lv5:caps_switch Caps Lock chooses 5th level
lv5:lsgt_switch The "< >" key chooses 5th level
lv5:ralt_switch Right Alt chooses 5th level
lv5:menu_switch Menu chooses 5th level
lv5:rctrl_switch Right Ctrl chooses 5th level
lv5:lsgt_switch_lock The "< >" key chooses 5th level and acts as a one-time lock if pressed with another 5th level chooser
lv5:ralt_switch_lock Right Alt chooses 5th level and acts as a one-time lock if pressed with another 5th level chooser
lv5:lwin_switch_lock Left Win chooses 5th level and acts as a one-time lock if pressed with another 5th level chooser
lv5:rwin_switch_lock Right Win chooses 5th level and acts as a one-time lock if pressed with another 5th level chooser

Option Description
nbsp:none Usual space at any level
nbsp:level2 Non-breaking space at the 2nd level
nbsp:level3 Non-breaking space at the 3rd level
nbsp:level3n Non-breaking space at the 3rd level, thin non-breaking space at the 4th level
nbsp:level4 Non-breaking space at the 4th level
nbsp:level4n Non-breaking space at the 4th level, thin non-breaking space at the 6th level
nbsp:level4nl Non-breaking space at the 4th level, thin non-breaking space at the 6th level (via Ctrl+Shift)
nbsp:zwnj2 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level
nbsp:zwnj2zwj3 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level, zero-width joiner at the 3rd level
nbsp:zwnj2zwj3nb4 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level, zero-width joiner at the 3rd level, non-breaking space at the 4th level
nbsp:zwnj2nb3 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level, non-breaking space at the 3rd level
nbsp:zwnj2nb3zwj4 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level, non-breaking space at the 3rd level, zero-width joiner at the 4th level
nbsp:zwnj2nb3nnb4 Zero-width non-joiner at the 2nd level, non-breaking space at the 3rd level, thin non-breaking space at the 4th level
nbsp:zwnj3zwj4 Zero-width non-joiner at the 3rd level, zero-width joiner at the 4th level

Option Description
japan:kana_lock Kana Lock key is locking
japan:nicola_f_bs NICOLA-F style Backspace
japan:hztg_escape Make Zenkaku Hankaku an additional Esc

Option Description
korean:ralt_hangul Make right Alt a Hangul key
korean:rctrl_hangul Make right Ctrl a Hangul key
korean:ralt_hanja Make right Alt a Hanja key
korean:rctrl_hanja Make right Ctrl a Hanja key

Option Description
esperanto:qwerty At the corresponding key in a QWERTY layout
esperanto:dvorak At the corresponding key in a Dvorak layout
esperanto:colemak At the corresponding key in a Colemak layout

Option Description
solaris:sun_compat Sun key compatibility

Option Description
terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

Option Description
custom:types Use user-defined custom XKB types











xkeyboard-config 2.42 X Version 11