XKBCLI(1) General Commands Manual XKBCLI(1)

xkbclitool to interact with XKB keymaps

xkbcli command [arguments]

xkbcli [--help | --version]

xkbcli is a commandline tool to query, compile and test XKB keymaps, layouts and other elements.

Print help and exit
Print the version and exit

Compile an XKB keymap, see xkbcli-compile-keymap(1)
Compile a compose file, see xkbcli-compile-compose(1)
Show how to type a given Unicode codepoint, see xkbcli-how-to-type(1)
Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for X11, see xkbcli-interactive-x11(1)
Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for Wayland, see xkbcli-interactive-wayland(1)
Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for evdev, see xkbcli-interactive-evdev(1)
List available layouts and more, see xkbcli-list(1)

Note that not all tools may be available on your system.

exited successfully
an error occured
program was called with invalid arguments

The libxkbcommon online documentation

July 27, 2020 Linux 6.8.2-arch2-1