weston-bindings(7) Miscellaneous Information Manual weston-bindings(7)

weston-bindings - a list of keyboard bindings for Weston - the reference Wayland compositor

The Weston desktop shell has a number of keyboard shortcuts. They are listed here.

Almost all keyboard shortcuts for Weston include a specified modifier mod which is determined in the file weston.ini(5).
mod + Shift + F

Make active window fullscreen

mod + K

Kill active window

mod + Shift + M

Maximize active window

mod + Shift + KEY_LEFT

Make the active window tiled left.

mod + Shift + KEY_RIGHT

Make the active window tiled right.

mod + Shift + KEY_UP

Make the active window tiled top.

mod + Shift + KEY_DOWN

Make the active window tiled bottom.

mod + Tab

Switch active window

Ctrl + Alt + Backspace

If supported, terminate Weston. (Note this combination often is used to hard restart Xorg.)

Ctrl + Alt + F

Toggle if Weston is fullscreen; only works when nested under a Wayland compositor

Ctrl + Alt + S

Share output screen, if possible

Ctrl + Alt + F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/F7/F8

Switch virtual terminal, if possible

Super + S

Make a screenshot of the desktop

Super + R

Start or stop recording video of the desktop

There are also a number of bindings involving a mouse:
<Touch>, <Left button>, <Right button>

Activate clicked window

Super + Alt + <Vertical Scroll>

Change the opacity of a window

mod + <Vertical Scroll>

Zoom/magnify the visible desktop

mod + <Left button>

Click and drag to move a window

mod + Shift + <Left button>, mod + <Right button>, mod + <Touch>

Click and drag to resize a window

mod + <Middle button>

Rotate the window (if supported)

The combination mod + Shift + Space begins a debug binding. Debug bindings are completed by pressing an additional key. For example, pressing F may toggle texture mesh wireframes with the GL renderer. (In fact, most debug effects can be disabled again by repeating the command.) Debug bindings are often tied to specific backends. Below are the debug bindings available.

- KEY_D :
Subscribe for flight recorder.
- KEY_C :
Enable/Disable cursor planes.
- KEY_V :
Enable/Disable overlay planes.
- KEY_Q :
Start VAAPI recorder.
- KEY_S :
Enable fragment debugging for gl-renderer.
- KEY_F :
Enable fan debugging for gl-renderer.
- KEY_R :
Enable repaint debugging for Pixman.

weston(1), weston-drm(7), weston.ini(5), xkeyboard-config(7)

2019-03-27 Weston 13.0.1