VIS-DIGRAPH(1) General Commands Manual VIS-DIGRAPH(1)

vis-digraphprint Unicode character using mnemonics

vis-digraph digraph ...

vis-digraph -

vis-digraph read a digraph from command line argument or standard input and print a corresponding Unicode character to standard output, encoded in current locale.

A set of two (or more) characters that get replaced by a single Unicode character.
Read digraph from standard input.

Without argument, vis-digraph displays all available digraphs along with a description.

Locale definition, setting the encoding format of the Unicode character printed out. See locale(1) for more information.

Digraph correctly read recognised and printed out.
Digraph not recognised.
Digraph is the beginning of an existing digraph, but does not correspond to a full digraph.
An error occurred and digraph could not be read or printed.

locale(1), vis(1)

vis-digraph follows the digraph format from RFC 1345

January 27, 2017 Vis 0.8