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vapigen - generate a Vala API


vapigen is a utility which generates Vala API (VAPI) files from GI files, which may be generated using the vala-gen-introspect(1) utility.

vapigen [OPTION?] FILE... - Vala API Generator

Show help options

Look for package bindings in DIRECTORY
Look for GIR bindings in DIRECTORY
Look for GIR .metadata files in DIRECTORY
Do not include standard packages
Include binding for PACKAGE
Library name
Output directory
Disable warnings
Display version number
Do not print messages to the console

J??rg Billeter, Raffaele Sandrini.

After compilation, the following command generates a GI for pango: vala-gen-introspect pango packages/pango

vapigen --pkg cairo --vapidir . --library pango packages/pango/

vala-gen-introspect (1)

May 2023 Vala API Generator 0.56.8