upscli_strerror - return string describing error condition

#include <upsclient.h>
const char *upscli_strerror(UPSCONN_t *ups);

The upscli_strerror() function takes the pointer ups to a UPSCONN_t state structure and returns a string describing the last error which occurred on this connection. The string is valid until the next call to upscli_strerror().

The upscli_strerror() function returns a description of the error, or an unknown error message if the error code is not recognized.

upscli_fd(3), upscli_get(3), upscli_readline(3), upscli_sendline(3), upscli_ssl(3), upscli_strerror(3), upscli_upserror(3)

05/20/2024 Network UPS Tools 2.8.2