UNCPK(1) General Commands Manual UNCPK(1)

uncpk - manage c64 cpk archives

uncpk [OPTION]... FILE...

uncpk is an archive tool for Commodore 64 .cpk-format archives.

Create an archive.
Extract from an archive.
List contents of archive.
Add a file to the archive.
Verbose output.
Show summary of options.
Show version of program.

uncpk c foo.cpk bar
Create archive foo.cpk with the single file bar inside it.
uncpk a foo.cpk bar
Add file bar to archive foo.cpk (which must already exist).
uncpk x foo.cpk
Extract all files from archive foo.cpk.
uncpk l foo.cpk
List contents of archive foo.cpk.

file65(1), ldo65(1), printcbm(1), reloc65(1), dxa(1), xa(1)

This manual page was written by David Weinehall <tao@acc.umu.se> and Cameron Kaiser <ckaiser@floodgap.com>. Original xa package (C)1989-1997 Andre Fachat. Additional changes (C)1989-2006 Andre Fachat, Jolse Maginnis, David Weinehall and Cameron Kaiser. The current maintainer is Cameron Kaiser.

11 April 2006