unbound-checkconf(8) unbound 1.20.0 unbound-checkconf(8)

unbound-checkconf - Check Unbound configuration file for errors.

unbound-checkconf [-h] [-f] [-q] [-o option] [cfgfile]

Unbound-checkconf checks the configuration file for the unbound(8) DNS resolver for syntax and other errors. The config file syntax is described in unbound.conf(5).

The available options are:

Show the version and commandline option help.
Print full pathname, with chroot applied to it. Use with the -o option.
If given, after checking the config file the value of this option is printed to stdout. For "" (disabled) options an empty line is printed.
Make the operation quiet, suppress output on success.
The config file to read with settings for Unbound. It is checked. If omitted, the config file at the default location is checked.

The unbound-checkconf program exits with status code 1 on error, 0 for a correct config file.

Unbound configuration file.

unbound.conf(5), unbound(8).

June 16, 2024 NLnet Labs