UMOUNT.NILFS2(8) System Manager's Manual UMOUNT.NILFS2(8)

umount.nilfs2 - unmount NILFS2 file systems

umount [-t nilfs2] [-dfilnrv] device | dir [...]

umount.nilfs2 [-nrv] dir [...]

umount.nilfs2 [-V]

umount.nilfs2 detaches the NILFS2 file system(s) mentioned from the file hierarchy. This is the umount helper for NILFS2 to shutdown the garbage collector nilfs_cleanerd(8) before detaching the file system. Usually it should be invoked through umount(8).

See umount(8) for the full set of options. Commonly used options with NILFS2 are as follows:

Print version and exit.
Don't call umount.nilfs2. Valid for umount(8).
Unmount without writing in /etc/mtab. This option must be used carefully because mount.nilfs2 and umount.nilfs2 use the table to store the process ID of nilfs_cleanerd(8).
In case unmounting fails, try to remount read-only.
Verbose mode.

umount.nilfs2 will free the loop device (if any) associated with the mount, in case it finds the option `loop=...' in /etc/mtab. The -d option, which also allows umount(8) to free the loop device without the `loop=...' option, is not supported.

umount.nilfs2 is written by Ryusuke Konishi <> for NILFS2, based on the umount program included in the util-linux package.

umount.nilfs2 is part of the nilfs-utils package and is available from

nilfs(8), umount(8), mount.nilfs2(8), nilfs_cleanerd(8).

Apr 2014 nilfs-utils version 2.2